"About a boy" - Nick Hornby

Читала в оригинале. Безумно понравилось!
Книга легкая, забавная, отдыхаешь, читая. 
Уже писала маленький обзор на английском, просто копирую.

The novel tells us about a 12-year-old boy called Marcus. He has a lot of problems: suicidal mother, misunderstanding at school and parents’ divorce. He is very weird, he likes Joni Mitchell (because his mum does) and hates football, whereas his classmates don’t even know Joni Mitchell and love football very much. Marcus is not acquainted with modern popular culture: he doesn’t know Nirvana or Snoop Doggy Dog. However occasionally Marcus meets Will Freeman, a very cool guy, who knows what to wear, what to listen and what to watch in order to be cool enough. (By the way, Will doesn’t have a job, because his dad has written a very popular Christmas song). Since then Will helps Marcus in becoming a child (buys him fashionable trainers, shows him the CDs of Nirvana, helps to make friends with a girl), while Marcus helps Will in becoming an adult, so finally everything takes its own place.
The novel has parallel structure: we see the events from the eyes of Marcus and from the eyes of Will by turns. The most thrilling detail of the book is psychology of a teenager and sometimes of men and women.
I like this book very much; it is very funny and pleasant. The language of the book is very simple. I believe that is due to the plot: we see the main events from the eyes of 12-year-old boy. The novel is full of cultural references, so it was extremely interesting to penetrate English culture and learn some peculiarities of their lifestyle.

Из отсылок: очень много отсылок на Нирвану, в частности, название (песня «About a girl»). Присутствуют отсылки на ТВ-шоу, популярные в то время, описаны типичные привычки англичанина.
Двойственность названия: с первых страниц кажется, что книга о Маркусе, но, прочитав до середины, понимаешь, что она в такой же степени и о Уилле — о взрослом мужчине, который не может повзрослеть.
P.S. Боюсь, что перевод испортил истинный пафос и легкость книги.


Will with Fiona
"    F: — That's what men think, isn't it? 
     W: What?
     F: — That unless you've got some answer, unless you can say «Oh, I know this bloke in Essex road who can fix that for you», then it's not worth bothering.
     Will shifted in his seat and didn't say anything. That was precisely what he thought; in fact, he had spent half the evening trying to think of the name of the bloke in Essex Road, metaphorically speaking.
     F: — That's not what I want. I know there's nothing you can do. [...]
     [...] It was easier than he could possibly have anticipated: all he had to do was listen and nod and ask pertinent questions. He had done it before, loads of times, with Angie and Suzie and Rachel, but that was for a reason. There was no ulterior motive here. He didn't want to sleep with Fiona, but he did want her to feel better, and he didn't realized that in order to make her feel better he had to act in exactly the same way as if he did want to sleep with her".

«He (Marcus) thought about whether life was shit, and whether Ellie's life in particular was shit, and then he realized that Ellie spent her whole time wanting life to be shit, and then making life shit by making things difficult for herself. School was shit because she wore her sweatshirt every day, which she wasn’t allowed to do, and because she shouted at teachers and got into fights, which upset people. But what if she didn’t wear her sweatshirt and stopped shouting at people? How shit would life be then? Not very, he thought. Life was really shit for him, what with his mum and the other kids at school and all that, and he’d give anything to be Ellie; but Ellie seemed determined to turn herself into him, and why would anyone want to do that?
    Somehow it reminded him of Will and his pictures of dead drug-takers; maybe Ellie was like Will. If either of them had real trouble in their lives, they wouldn’t want or need to invent it for themselves, or put pictures of it on the walls».


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